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Sunday, July 02, 2006


Our friend PantherGirl commends to our attention "Velveteria," which trumpets:
Poodletopia is here! We will be displaying our poodle collection on velvet from May 25th and run till July. Don't miss this! Coming soon will be an area devoted to black light paintings. You will never be the same after a visit to the Velveteria.
That surely seems right. We don't know whether we're more disturbed by "Velveteria" itself or by the fact that our correspondent explodes,

"OMG!!!! Why didn't I think of this?"

[p.s. Posting has been light due to the fact that all three of us are presently sequestered in a location where bandwidth is, as the saying goes, like sucking slugs through a soda straw. We'll try to do better.]

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