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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fantasy Football

Sports Illustrated is a serious magazine. Peter King gets paid serious money to write about football. Every week, he posts his "Monday Morning Quarterback" column with thoughts inspired by the previous weekend's football action.

Yesterday, he had this to say:
Rutgers is 7-0. Let's play fantasy football for a minute. UConn next week at home: 8-0. Louisville on a Thursday night, Nov. 9, at home. Since we're fantasizing, give Rutgers the upset win over the Cardinals: 9-0. At Cincinnati (not a gimme) and Syracuse at home the next two weeks: 11-0. Then Dec. 2, at West Virginia. Follow me for a minute. Let's say Ohio State beats Michigan, and either Oregon, Cal or Notre Dame beat USC in November. Let's say West Virginia gets to the end of November 11-0. Imagine, as December dawns, there are three unbeaten, untied teams in college football: Ohio State, West Virginia and Rutgers. Rutgers and West Virginia could be -- could be -- playing in Morgantown for the right to play for the national championship.
Well, sure it's unlikely! (The Knights can't beat West Virginia at Morgantown on the last day of the season, and will have to settle for the Rose Bowl.)

But it's not as if you can perform the same exercise for every team in college football.

For example, you can't write: "So, Stanford has #3 USC next week, but they're at home, so they should lose by no more than 4 touchdowns. After that, they're at Washington, then home against Oregon State. At that point, the Cardinal will be 0-11, and 0-8 in Pac 10 play, poised for Big Game, this year at Berkeley . . . ."

You see my point? More HERE.

Comments on "Fantasy Football"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:48 AM) : 

Didn't Stanford play in the first Rose Bowl game, in 1902, against Michigan? And, as I recall, they lost 49-0, and quit in the third quarter.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:07 PM) : 

Actually, if Rutgers and WVU win out until their meeting in Morganstown, according to the BCS it is most likely that Rutgers will be ranked higher, thus making Rutgers the favorite, so WVU would have to pull out a big upset.



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