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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just About Right III

We managed to (I have no idea how!) somehow forget the last part of the WaPo editorial just posted:
After six years of belligerent partisanship, the president would do well to change course dramatically in his final two years. In this, Mr. Bush has a good role model: Gov. George W. Bush of Texas, who managed to work across party lines to achieve results. Granted, Democrats in Congress aren't the same as Democrats in Texas, but the new congressional Democrats share a common interest with the president in demonstrating an ability to overcome bickering to achieve results. There's opportunity on issues ranging from immigration and climate change to entitlement reform and education.

As for Iraq, the president and his party need to be mindful of the passionate voter discontent with the war. Some Democratic candidates advocated prompt withdrawal, which we believe would be perilous to U.S. and Iraqi interests, but many were pressing for adjustment, not the "cut and run" of Mr. Bush's caricature. The president's lofty campaign rhetoric is bearing decreasing resemblance to the grim reality in Iraq. With the election over, he needs to show more flexibility and deftness to address the deteriorating situation.
Yeah, sounds about right.

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