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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Department of WTF?

From one of those throw-away in-flight magazines:
"Poison Oak" Tree Sculpture

The ancient spirit of "Poison Oak" springs to life in a pliable composite that wraps around your tree, adding mystical character and spirit to your very own forest.

This work is so realistic, your guests will think your forest is springing to life!
What on God's green earth does "realistic" mean in this context? What part of reality does this thing purport to accurately depict? And what is the "ancient spirit" of "Poison Oak"? Does this have something to do with modern prayers directed to the Great God Cortisone, while our forebears, in the twilight of civilization, could only resort to the laying-on of cow dung?

My guests will think . . . .what??!?? My guests will begin muttering to themselves about dosage modifications for my medication. That's what my frakkin' guests will think.


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