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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We'll Wait for the Movie

From ForUm, which describes itself as "an influential informational analytical resource, free of commercial interests and political bias, the primary aim of which is to inform readers about events happening in Ukraine and around the world in a fast and objective manner," comes this important story:
“Regionals” deny accusations of bribe “oranges”

Party of Regions considers that inability of BYuT to carry out political activity constructively, has transformed to chronic stage. ForUm reports, referring to PR press service.

“The brightest example that proves this diagnose is systematic unsubstantiated statements to PR, spread by BYuT representatives. In particular, the matter concerns accusations of attempts of bribery of BYuT people’s deputies by PR in order to derange formation of so-called “democratic coalition”, the statement of PR says.

“Party of Regions denies all accusation, both current and future accusations of this political force who is used by white lie to hide its own political failure, irresponsibility and inability to hold dialogue even with its allies,” the PR press service says. “At the same time we do not intend to ignore such accusations and actions from BYuT side, that’s why we are going to defend out honor and dignity from raging fantasy of professional demagogues,” PR statement says.

Earlier Yulia Tymoshenko noted that she keeps record of those People’s deputies from BYuT who were tried to be bribed by opponents.


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