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Monday, December 31, 2007

Barack Obama Was That Kid

Remember that kid in grade school who reminded the teacher that she'd forgotten to assign homework? And always knew when the teacher's birthday was, and organized a party? The line-leader? The frickin' little tattle-tale establishment power-freak ass-kisser . . . .

Sorry, we got carried away there.

But it seems that Barack Obama was that kid:
His second- grade teacher, Cecilia Sugini, says he often led his peers when they
lined up single-file for class and was quick to let her know when other pupils
It would be a useful exercise to imagine what each of our presidential candidates was like in Sixth Grade. Romney's hair was always combed, and he always had his homework, but he didn't wave his hand to be called on. Giuliani was the kid who organized the games, and then wanted to be the referee. Hillary was the smart girl who also took piano lessons from the teacher, the girl who did your homework for you, and then ratted you out to the teacher (and received lavish praise for being so honest). John Edwards was a little slow, but popular with the girls and the principal for all that -- plus he got beat up on the playground a lot.

And our man Fred? Is there any doubt that Thompson was the kid whose socks sometimes didn't match (which the girls found cute, and the boys way cool), who sometimes didn't do his homework, but always had a plausible story, was everybody's friend, skipped school to go fishing, and (in 8th Grade) got caught smoking out behind the girls' gym? We still like Fred.


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