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Sunday, January 13, 2008

And the Winner Is

From yesterday's Washington Post:

NORFOLK, Jan. 11 -- Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson is considering making an offer for the Virginian-Pilot, a daily newspaper he has criticized for its coverage of him.

Because you're reading about this here, we know you're wondering if we intend to treat this seriously, and launch into an examination of the implications of a religious owner on the content of a newspaper, or the censorship angle, inasmuch as the paper has apparently published uncomplimentary articles about Brother Pat.

Of course not.

Instead, we wonder if Reverend Robertson proposes to retain the name of the newspaper, or will he modify it to reflect its new ownership. May we suggest:

The Virginian-God-is-My-Co-Pilot;
The Virgin-Mary-Pilot;
NRO weighs in with: Pontius Pilot


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