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Friday, March 21, 2008

Is Barack Obama . . .

. . . a typical black person? We don't know. To even inquire in such terms is to put yourself so far beyond the pale that psychological counseling might be mentioned. Ask Larry Summers what happens if you suggest that that there might be traits, habits, beliefs, abilities, proclivities, or predilections more generally found in one sex, race, ethnic or religious group. It's just not done.

That being said, what then does it mean when we have it on no less an authority than Senator Obama his own self that his grandmother -- you know, the white one -- is a "typical white person?"

Is this going to turn out like one of those post-massacre television interviews? You know, where there's been a home invasion by a guy dressed in a Yogi Bear costume, who ties his victims to their kitchen table and bludgeons them to death with a picnic basket? And they interview his neighbors, who uniformly opine that he seemed like such a nice young man, always polite and helpful, and they had no idea he was actually a psychopath.


Comments on "Is Barack Obama . . ."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:40 PM) : 

What's the big deal? Obama is simply a typical black person, and when he speaks of a "typical white person," he is just talking like a typical black person. What of it?


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