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Friday, April 25, 2008

Time to Panic

Dave Johnston reports:
As word of food riots and worldwide shortage spread to the Indianapolis area this week, local residents began flocking to nearby grocery stores to stock up on supplies ahead what many believe could be a prolonged period of strife and suffering.


Republican nominee John McCain last week stated that he would suspend the federal sales tax on rice if elected. However, a campaign spokesman later had to back off this promise as they discovered that rice and similar grocery items are already exempt from sales tax.

All the local grocery stores we visited today appeared to have plenty of rice on their shelves, but most shoppers we spoke to were simply not willing to take any risk.

“It’s alarming. What if they do start rationing? First it’s rice, then it’ll be sugar, and eventually we wake up one morning and there’s no such thing as Cool Ranch Doritos. What then? I’m not waiting for it to get that bad,” offered Fowler as he headed to the checkout lanes.


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