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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All Your Bucks is Belong to US

The Associated Press reported yesterday that Governor Palin had committed this astonishing gaffe caused, no doubt, by her ignorance and lack of experience:
Republican Sarah Palin told a rally of several thousand people Monday that Barack Obama would not only raise their taxes as president but also spend the money in a way that could hurt the economy. "What that means is government taking your money and spreading it out wherever politicians see fit. That's not good for the economy," she said.
For readers who might have skipped out on basic high school civics, the AP provided this reminder:
The government's job is to collect taxpayer dollars and decide how to spend them.
I know, I know -- you think we made that one up. But we didn't have to.

Further on, the piece has this nugget:
"It's really going to be a fight," said Ronda Ellis, 34, a registered nurse who noted many of her fellow nurses are bothered by Palin's opposition to abortion rights. "A lot of them feel like, as a woman, how could she oppose this?"
Indeed. The maternal instinct to eat one's young runs strong.

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