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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Offense Offensive

Having offended black people, or chimps, or Nancy Pelosi, or Al Sharpton or some damn thing earlier this week (find it yourself, it's only a few posts down), the G&S Ombudsman observed that it's been some time since we offended crazed Islamist nutjobs.

Offending ridiculous crazy people is becoming a full-time job. Parody has become policy. What do you do if your kid screws around with fireworks, and burns himself? Simple: Give him a can of gasoline, a blowtorch, and a butane lighter. "That's crazy," right? Nahhhh. That's national policy. Being a jackass, you borrowed far more money that you can repay? No problem, we'll give you more.

But I digress, as our purpose is not to make fun of the current administration, but instead to piss off . . . . wait . . . I wrote it down . . . oh yes, crazed Islamist nutjobs. A task we've subcontracted.

Herewith, Steven Crowder:


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