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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

O. J. Simpson, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and ACORN

I think maybe we're not being fair to O.J. After all, his present incarceration probably interferes with his oft-repeated quest to find the real killer. ACORN, on the other hand, is led by not-yet-jailed folk, who are similarly committed to rooting out a few bad apples. So as an independent investigator, who have they chosen? Ken Starr? Rudy Giuliani? Why no, they've not.

Emily Yoffe, at XXfactor, observes:
Scott Harshbarger, the former Massachusetts attorney general and head of Common Cause, has been appointed by ACORN to investigate lapses in the organization that lead to its recent scandals. Harshbarger was responsible for one of the most outrageous "Satanic ritual abuse" prosecutions when he was AG, sending three innocent members of the Amirault family to jail. He has never repudiated the prosecution. It's sickening that someone who so abused his power would be appointed to investigate or reform anything. (I also see that Harshbarger was a big John Edwards' supporter, so his ability as a judge of character remains atrocious.)

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