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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catholic Nancy Goes 0 for 3

Where to start, OH! where to start.

Yesterday was not the "Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker." That was back at the beginning of May. Yesterday, instead, was the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Speaker of the House thus apparently missed the opportunity for a roast beef sandwich for lunch, despite it being a Friday in Lent.

Nancy's prayers "to" St. Joseph are misdirected and should have been returned as undeliverable. Perhaps her Latin is rusty, and she doesn't remember what "ora pro nobis" actually means.

And finally, while referring to support from various Religious (yes, yes, I know you know that they're the usual suspects), she somehow failed to mention the teaching of any Bishop. It's possible that neither Archbishop Niederauer nor Archbishop Wuerl were available to consult. About this very matter Archbishop Chaput wrote:
[P]eople who claim to be Catholic and then publicly undercut the teaching and leadership of their bishops spread confusion, cause grave damage to the believing community and give the illusion of moral cover to a version of health care “reform” that is not simply bad, but dangerous.
So let's sum up. I screw up, can't get to Confession before Mass, kneel in my pew during Communion, and earn Father's raised eyebrow during the recessional. Meanwhile, Catholic Nancy prays to St. Joseph for federal funding for murder.

One of us is doing this wrong.


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