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Friday, April 30, 2010

To Each According to His Need

The President of the United States is not a Communist, nor is he actually a socialist. It would be more accurate to label him a Corporatist Central Planner. The entrenched wealthy will always be with us. Central Planning -- whether it be of health care or Wall Street -- will always take care of power-in-being; the big players in the health care industry supported Obamacare, and Goldman Sachs supports proposed "financial reform." If power is to be centralized in Washington, then J.P. Morgan/Chase and Novartis/Ciba-Geigy/Sandoz will have access to those levers.

Capitalism is not the great concentration of capital represented by the Fortune 500, nor is it the great concentration of power increasingly arrogated by the Federal Government. It is instead the great messy soup of individuals opening a new bakery, a new auto-repair shop, a new bookstore, a new restaurant, a new law practice. This is the great wealth-producing engine of genuine Capitalism.

Mega-corporations have not the slightest problem complying with or litigating against more and more regulation, mandates, requirements, and taxes. "Conflicts" between Big Business and Big Government are a matter of claims adjustment: slicing up the latest billion-dollar pie until these massive institutions are institutionally content.

Government has always been about power, and those who govern massive corporations are also all about power. Individual entrepreneurs are not about power, they're about wealth. When those in power speak about taxing the wealthy, or about "making enough money," they're not talking about the already wealthy and powerful, who can look out for themselves, they're talking about messy, complicated, impossible-to-regulate regular people who are out to make theirs the old fashioned way: by creating it.


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