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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why We Love Father John Zuhlsdorf

Aside from the fact that he's one of the young fogies, is a Latin scholar, and has a cool name, I mean.

Here's why.

The New York Times (otherwise known as "Hell's Bible") reports:
ROME — A senior Vatican priest, speaking before Pope Benedict XVI at a Good Friday service, compared the world’s outrage at sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church to the persecution of the Jews, prompting angry responses from victims’ advocates and consternation from Jewish groups.
Father Z's take?
Okay… lemme get this straight.

In midst of this controversy, the Pope’s preacher stands up [on] Good Friday, not at all a controversial day for this pontificate, and… like Joe Biden with an open mic… compares the present persecution of the Church to the persecution of the Jews.

Please… someone … tell me that no one vetted Fr. Cantalamessa’s sermon today and that he was bobbing and weaving out there all by himself.

Please bring Fr. Lombardi more coffee, ‘cause it’s going to be a looong night.

Hell’s Bible now has their quote for the rest of Holy Week.

I can just picture a back office of editors at the NYT, sitting around with cocktails and dreaming about how the Vatican could possibly make this worse.

"Well…. maybe what if a, like, cardinal or…. watzit… monsignor? .... nah… never happen. No one could be that…"

"WHAT?" they ask, pouring more shots.

"Well… what if someone in the Vatican compared their problems to… wait for it… the Holocaust."

[gales of laughter… the sound of more ice tumbling in glasses]

"[sniffing]... sigh… good… yah… never happen…."
And he titles his post: "Because this week wasn’t bad enough already… "


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