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Monday, August 16, 2010

Gay Bar? Bad Idea

OK, OK, I confess the whole "gay bar" thing would be a bad idea. The barbecue restaurant, ditto. Provocative; insensitive; indeed, unAmerican: if they own the land, they should do whatever the heck they want to do.

But Father Z has a much better idea:
I have been following the debate over the building of a mosque at Ground Zero in Manhattan.

I have a counter proposal.

Let us build a chapel dedicated to Sts. Nunilo and Alodia next to the mosque.

Saints Nunilo and Alodia were a pair of 9th c. virgin martyrs in Huesca, Spain. They were born to a Muslim father and Christian mother. However, they chose their mother’s Christianity.

And so during the Emirate of Abd ar-Rahman II it came to pass that in these little girls were first put in a brothel and then were executed as apostates according to Sharia law.

Their feast day is 22 October.

I think their relics are in the Cathedral of Pamplona, having been translated a couple times.


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