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Monday, October 25, 2010

Glib & Superficial Merits Mention in The Village Voice, Right Next to Brett Favre's Penis

We were under the impression that a developer had purchased the venerable Village Voice, stripped the walls of paint to produce exposed brick, and then sold it as condominiums, each unit coming with a complimentary ficus tree. But we were wrong!

In an article entitled "Rightbloggers, Delighted to Find Black Guy Scared of Muslims, Defend Juan Williams," the Voice observes:
Glib & Superficial played off a news story about a crocodile that caused a plane crash, and suggested "a thought experiment. We won't use the word 'Muslim.' Instead, let's use the word 'crocodile.' OK? So the question is, do you qualify as a lunatic if you say, 'You know, it's certainly not completely rational, but when I see a crocodile on the plane with me, it makes me jumpy and nervous...'" Yes, he was comparing Muslims to animals, and by noticing we expect we're the real racists.
We didn't mean to compare crocodiles to Muslim terrorists, and we apologize to the Council on American-Crocodylidae Relations if we were insensitive.

We'd provide our usual thoughtful, in-depth analysis, but while reading the piece in The Voice, we were distracted by the sidebar listing that publication's most popular story as "Deadspin Photos of Brett Favre's Penis Are Going Live Tomorrow (UPDATE)."  It's a little hard to take seriously criticism from these guys, we think.

What we really want to know is why The Village Voice thinks your humble proprietor is a "he."  Sexist bastards.


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