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Monday, October 18, 2010

Your Mother Wears Army Boots

Sean Bielat is running against Barney Frank in Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District. In a move that has the sweet-sick odor of desperation, Barney called in Bill Clinton to campaign for him.

But in a move for which words like pathetic, embarrassing, and sick are completely inadequate, Barney sent his boyfriend over to heckle Mr. Bielat. No, really! After the most recent Frank-Bielet debate at WGBH, Mr. Bielat was out in the hallway talking to reporters when James Ready, Barney's "significant other," showed up. Barney's Jimmy provided cutting commentary ("You're not even funny!") while hiding behind his Nikon. Pay attention to Bielat's adult reaction when "confronted" on the playground by the 12-year-old fat kid in a snowsuit.

Sometimes those losers you went to High School with end up being priests, famous authors, or Bill Gates. But sometimes, they just grow up to be, well, losers.


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