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Monday, November 29, 2010

Secret Diplomatic Messages: C'mon Baby, Nobody Else Will See The Pictures

The latest disclosures by WikiLeaks of American diplomatic communications, all confidential, some secret, is a "reply-all" moment. Surely you've done that yourself. Your mom sends an email to all of your siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins and you, intending to make a snarky comment to your favorite sister, hit "reply all" and spend the next year apologizing.

Aside from the banality of most or all of these revelations, the interesting aspect of this incident is that the United States diplomatic corps is peopled by idiots, who don't seem to understand that when they hit "send" they really have no idea how many copies of their message exist, or where those copies are. Nor do they seem to understand that their theft and publication doesn't involve a fellow with a black bag and a Minox camera getting past security in the middle of the night, but instead requires only a geek with rad skillz, or a punk with a memory stick.

Perhaps the Ivy Leaguers in expensive suits will now learn what a generation of college girls already knows: if it's digital, it's public, baby.


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