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Friday, December 31, 2010

Chris Christie Hits the Bigtime

A "liberal" group has set up a website called "Where's Chris Christie?" and, lest there be any confusion that it's purpose is to help you get a look at the New Jersey Governor, follows with the subtitle, "Everywhere but solving problems in New Jersey..." You know you've hit the big time when folks with ties to the infamous Moveon.org begin gratuitous attacks. As reported in the Newark Star-Ledger:
The Progressive Change Campaign Committee also pushed Health Care Can't Wait and was critical of President Barack Obama when he walked away from the public option in the health care reform bill.
That is to say, this is a group critical of the Pope for insufficient Catholicity.

To date, their main complaint is the Governor's absence from the state during the recent major snowfall. But there's a big difference between being Mayor Bloomberg and being Governor of New Jersey: part of the mayor's job is to clean up the snow; no part of the Governor's job involves plowing roads.

Democrats are rightly terrified of the plain-spoken Governor.


Comments on "Chris Christie Hits the Bigtime"


Blogger libhom said ... (12:18 AM) : 

Christie is the most corrupt governor in the history of NJ, which is saying a lot. He doesn't even think he should be bothered with governing. All he thinks he should do is to pander to big money donors.


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