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Friday, September 09, 2011

Wherein we confess to reading The New York Times

On page A31 of the print edition, Paul Krugman opines:
First things first: I was favorably surprised by the new Obama jobs plan, which is significantly bolder and better than I expected. It’s not nearly as bold as the plan I’d want in an ideal world. But if it actually became law, it would probably make a significant dent in unemployment.
Meanwhile, on it's website, the Times reports:
Stocks on Wall Street declined sharply on Friday and bond prices soared after a speech by President Obama on jobs added to the uncertainty already weighing on financial markets over European sovereign debt and the weak economic recovery.
We think there's an opportunity here for a real-world test: Monday morning, the White House should announce that the President is doubling the size of his "jobs" plan, from $440 billion to $880 billion. If the market tanks by 600 points (right now, it's down a bit over 300), then Krugman will shut up. If it rises, then I'll shut up.


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