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Monday, November 14, 2011


The New York Times has uncovered an outrage that threatens the very existence of the Republic: "Banks Quietly Ramping Up Costs to Consumers." Which is to say, banks charge their customers to do stuff, like replacing a lost debit card, or wiring money to your account. Underlying this huffing and puffing seems to be the notion that a business should price its goods or services based on what it costs that business to produce or deliver them.

We're pretty sure that the New York Times doesn't set its advertising charges based on what it costs them to hit a few computer keys and roll the presses.

If you don't like your bank nickel-and-diming you to death -- or if you lose your debit card regularly -- your remedy is to find a bank that makes its money some other way, and take your business there. But that's becoming more and more difficult to do. If you don't much like JPMorgan-Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Citigroup, you may be out of luck.

Of course, that's a story you're not going to read in the New York Times: "Obama Administration Encourages, Finances, Historic Bank Consolidation, Campaign Receives Big Bucks From Bankers."

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