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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Everything you need to know

It is customary to commence a new year either with resolutions to amend one's life, or a review and evaluation of the year just past.  We are in no position to do either, as we've resolved to make no resolutions, and judge 2011 to have been an average year: worse than 2010, likely to be better than 2013.  Average.

Instead, we provide something for you to ponder.  Perhaps it's a metaphor.  Perhaps it's a sign.

Last evening, someone tossed the following question into cyberspace: "I baked a potato (skin rubbed with olive oil and kosher salt before cooking), and stupidly left it in a cold oven for a few days. Looks ok (kind of shriveled, but not bad). Is it safe to reheat and eat?"

As we write, this query has stimulated 22 responses.

We don't pretend to have fully considered this, but offer the following observations upon which you may think it profitable to meditate:
  1. Someone contemplated this matter for an unknown period of time without coming to any conclusion or taking any definitive action;
  2. Someone believed the question to be of sufficient importance and complexity so as to warrant the solicitation of advice;
  3. Counsel was sought from unknown, unidentifiable third parties;
  4. Nearly two dozen individuals found the question to be of sufficient interest, and judged their own knowledge to be adequately authoritative, that they responded;
  5. The responses conflict and reach no conclusion or consensus.
Welcome to 2012.  We've been waiting for you.  We are doomed.


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