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Monday, May 07, 2012

Unhinged Left Easily . . . Unhinged

One arm of the President's Ministry of Propaganda is a web site call "Think Progress." Their role is to express breathless outrage whenever anyone voices a non-approved thought, like "could I please keep my paycheck?" You'll see little reasoning over there, because that's not the style of the American leftist echo-chamber. They work instead from an approved list of what "everybody knows." We're reminded of the (almost certainly apocryphal) story that has New York Times theatre critic Pauline Kael observing, in 1972, that she was flabbergasted at the election results, inasmuch as she didn't know anyone who'd voted for Richard Nixon.

Today they favor us with a typically agog installment titled, "Romney Refuses to Stand Up to Woman Who Says 'Obama should be tried for treason." Here's the video of the exchange:

And here's their commentary:
Romney responded to her question, but didn’t condemn or acknowledge her comments on treason. [snip] While Romney can’t be held responsible for everything his supporters say, it seems reasonable to expect him to stand up to the fringe in his party, especially when he’s providing a platform for their views (it was his microphone, after all).
Here's what we want you to do: Google "Bush treason" and see what happens.

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