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Monday, June 04, 2012

We Are the 1%!

We here at Glib & Superficial sometimes have problems interpreting the Universe, because there seems to be so much stuff that Everybody Knows of which we're ignorant. For example, there's a television commercial for Burger King featuring Some Handsome Guy, who is unidentified in the ad. Apparently Everybody Knows that SHG is actually David Beckham, who apparently plays "football" (presumably because he can't hit a curve ball).


We had the same experience when we saw a recent advertisement that has something to do with President Obama's reelection campaign, and is narrated by someone who identifies herself as "Anna Wintour."  Here's the ad:

As it turns out, this is even worse than our experience with the Burger King ad.  There, if the Handsome Guy had said "Hi!  I'm David Beckham," we'd have known that this was some guy who played soccer, because we've certainly heard of "David Beckham," even if we remained unable to pick him out of a police lineup.

But we had to google "Anna Wintour" before we knew that Everybody Knows that she's been the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine for, like, 25 years or something.  Without Google, we'd have been left knowing only that she was some middle-aged woman with a really creepy accent that she's obviously been practicing for a long time.  [Don't misunderstand: speaking English would be simpler if there weren't so many sounds you have to be able to make, and deleting "R", as Ms. Wintour has done, has advantages.]

Which is to say that our whole experience with this piece started out oddly.  But while still confused about who this woman was, we learn that she's from another planet, only visiting here on earth, because, in her universe, two of "the most incredible women in the world" are Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama.  In fact, on the subject of "the most incredible women in the world," those are the only two examples proffered by "Anna Wintour."

This caused us to pause the ad, and take out pencil and paper and start sketching Venn Diagrams, trying to figure out what qualities and life experiences were shared by Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama, which overlap might be the basis of their being "the most incredible women in the world."

But we digress.

Fortunately, we now see that someone at the Romney campaign also saw the ad, and also thought it was awfully strange:

Which still leaves us with a question: what percentage of registered voters in the United States can afford to buy anything that's ever been mentioned in Vogue magazine?


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