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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Like Cutting Your Toenails

There are a variety of things each of us does that are best done in private. No, no, no -- not THOSE things (but those things, too). Trimming nose hairs; cutting your nails; almost anything at all having to do with your nose. All of these things are at least moderately disgusting, at least from the point of view of third parties.  I know you do them, but I don't need to see you doing them.

The Daily Telegraph reports:
James Eadie QC, acting for the government, told the European court that the refusal to allow an NHS nurse and a British Airways worker to visibly wear a crucifix at work “did not prevent either of them practicing religion in private”, which would be protected by human rights law.
He argued that a Christian facing problems at work with religious expression needed to consider their position and that they were not discriminated against if they still have the choice of leaving their job and finding new employment.

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