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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Garbo Diet

In which a writer for New York Magazine [today I learned that New York Magazine continues to publish] tries the health-food diet of Greta Garbo, in order to snarkily report how awful it is.  The diet was concocted by one Gayelord Hauser, best described as "lightly credentialed."  We were particularly struck by Day 4:
Back on the Hauser regime, I start the day with his notorious "pep breakfast" — two raw eggs beaten in orange juice. Hauser describes it as a "creamy drink fit for a King's table." I do not feel the same way. This is so much worse than raw eggs in milk that I drank for the Marilyn Monroe diet, I kind of can't believe it. If pneumonia were a food, this is what it would taste like.
This is quite ridiculous.  Raw eggs in orange juice (what my mother referred to as "orange whip") is delicious, while "raw eggs in milk," with a spoon of sugar and a dash of vanilla, is eggnog: delicious and nutritious both.

However much the mountebank Hauser may have been, his fancy patter led to periodic cohabitation with his most famous follower.

Technology and the studio system rendered the young Garbo merely beautiful.  In her mid-40s, a bit of time had made her exquisite.

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