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Friday, August 11, 2006

Straws in the Wind

The Associated Press reports from Michigan:
MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. -- A woman who feared she would lose her boyfriend while she recuperated from surgery arranged for her 15-year-old daughter to have sex with him, authorities said.

Police said the three signed an agreement specifying the sexual services the girl would perform and the compensation she would receive, including clothing and body piercings. The 37-year-old man and the girl had sex about 20 times over two months, police said.
In apparently unrelated news, The 2007 "Men of Mortuaries™" Calendar is scheduled to be available in October of 2006. Order yours HERE.

In political news from (where else?) Tampa
TAMPA, Fla. -- A political debate on a Tampa television station spun out of control on Saturday and ended with one guest throwing a chair at the other.

Two men were debating Israel when things got heated. They began trading insults.

As the moderator tried to calm things down, one of the men stormed off the set.

That's when he threw a chair at his opponent from somewhere, off-camera.

The exchange took place on a show called "The Bleeping Truth," which airs on a community affairs channel.

The moderator said the two have appeared on the program before without any physical confrontations.

The man who threw the chair is Tony Katz, a Republican and the host of an Internet talk show.

The man hit by the chair is Joe Redner, a Democrat running for a county commission seat. Redner also is the well-known owner of a Tampa strip club.
And, finally, tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the announcement, in 1981, of IBM's personal computer. More HERE. Your humble and obedient servant acquired his first computer in the fall of 1982: An Apple II Plus, with 48 kilobytes of RAM.

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Anonymous #1 Son said ... (2:41 PM) : 

I played Micro League Baseball on that machine! Yaaaaay!


Anonymous Uncle M said ... (8:16 PM) : 

And I probably helped GF set it up and boot it up.


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