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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Everyone at the New York Times is an Idiot

Somewhere there's an assistant professor of sociology or journalism (excuse me, "Human Communications"), and somewhere else there's an institute, a foundation, or a group with grant money, and the two need to come together so that there can be a formal academic study of this pressing question: Is it possible for the New York Times to write about anything without being gratuitously obnoxious?

We think not.

But until that day, we direct your attention to a discussion which includes the Times, Texas barbecue (not to be confused with real barbecue), beer, coffee, John Wayne, and guys with pony tails:
It's pathetic enough when guys brag about how much beer they've been drinking. These guys are bragging about drinking coffee, like it's 1700 and it's the very latest from Istanbul.

Do they realize that they sound like children bragging about how late they stayed up the night they had a babysitter?
From RLC, where it should be read in its entirety.

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