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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Message From the Frontier

Once upon a time, more or less in 1980, two youngish, smartish fellows acquired devices much like the one over there ------->
They discussed things like AppleWriter, and wondered about whether they could afford the big upgrade represented by a 16K RAM card. There wasn't anything called the Internet, and communication was peer-to-peer. We didn't know that, and referred to it as "calling up Jack's computer using the 300 baud modem." No, really. Would we kid you? We would not.

What happens, more or less 25 years later, when those same two guys journey into the land of Facebook, in order to stalk check up on maintain contact with their twentysomething kids? Are there some things in his daughter's Friends list that a father just shouldn't see? What is the answer to the dad's plea, "How can he have 225 friends, and include no plain-looking girls?" We'll be exploring these and other important questions of the 21st century.


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