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Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday . . . .

Your proprietor has once again decamped to Fauquier County, where connecting to the interwebs is like eating chili through a soda straw. We expect to be gone three days, what with Monday being a Federal Holiday and all. Although we're a tad confused as to what this holiday is all about.

Inasmuch as Monday is February 18, we know that this is not a celebration of Mr. Lincoln, whose birthday (as any schoolboy knows) is February 12.

Similarly, the Father of His Country was born February 22 (of course, on the day he was born it was thought to be February 11, but what did people in those days know?). Thus, next Monday is no celebration of his nativity.

But a little research has revealed that Monday is Cybill Shepherd's birthday. For what it's worth, Cybill (almost exactly our age) had us with The Last Picture Show. So happy 58th Cybill, and remember that we still love you.

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