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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Propaganda Through the Ages: The Great Man

Before hooting derisively and citing Godwin's Law, consider that a political poster featuring the President of the United States -- the real one, George W. Bush, not some guy who'd like to be president -- portrayed in a similar heroic pose would be dismissed as at best ridiculous. The New York Times would run a front page editorial (I know, they already do that) warning of the danger of messianic delusions.

And it is no defense, O my brothers, to protest that Mr. Bush is a failure and an incompetent, because that does no more than to insist that this poster is in fact intended to convey the notion that Mr. Obama is not as other men. When the children are in bed, we all know that that is precisely Mr. Obama's appeal, because aside from metaphysical redemptive aspirations, he's a rack upon which to hang expensive suits.

Note that Mr. Obama has the added hint of being framed by a rising sun. We leave it to you to research the use of similar images in religious art. Perhaps Herr Hitler believed such a portrayal would be too over the top for his followers. Forward Into The Past!


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