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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin Update

Quote of the day:
"The media doesn’t understand life membership in the NRA; they don’t understand getting up at 3 a.m. to hunt a moose; they don’t understand eating a mooseburger; they don’t understand being married to a guy who likes to snowmobile for fun. I am not surprised that they don’t get it. But Americans get it,” said Florida Rep. Adam Putnam. “A mooseburger means she is like one of us. She is not some jackass who’s ‘gone Washington.’”
Over the weekend, as the left-wing, angry Democrat chickenshit machine was unleashed on the Governor, we had the growing feeling that the nutroots had made a major mistake.

First came the rumor -- energized by no less than Andrew Sullivan -- that her 4-month-old son Trig was not actually her son, but the son of her eldest daughter, Bristol. The relevance of this revelation, apparently, was that Governor Palin had lied, and was involved in a "cover-up." Presumably this would demonstrate a moral failing. Only on the left -- where the homosexual caucus refers to normal folks as "breeders," and the word "family" must always be accompanied by a modifier ("blended," "non-traditional," "single-parent," and so on), would this be viewed as involving some shocking, morally bankrupt, sleight-of-hand. Out here in the real world, such things -- if hardly common -- are understood. It's the sort of thing that families do to make the best of real life.

Then came the news that 17-year-old Bristol is herself pregnant. Again the left, wholly out of touch with America, assumed that this would put an end to the admiration for Governor Palin expressed by the evangelical community. We thought, correctly as it turned out, that this is a non-story in that world: things happen, you try to do the right thing, and move on.

If every family with a pregnant teen, and every woman who was pregnant on her wedding day, votes for McCain, he'll carry every state.

More in this vein HERE.

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