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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas

We noticed a recent uptick of incoming junk mail, which always signals the approach of Christmas Hanukah the Holiday Season The Celebration of the Winter Solstice. And with this season of officially mandated good cheer we look forward with joy to cranky children dragged through malls, parking lot fender-benders, broken toys, flaming Christmas trees, and drunken reveling. But central to the annual anxiety swamp that is December is the problem of mandatory gifts. And no mandatory gift is more perilous than that purchased for the wife/girlfriend/significant other. Sometimes cruise tickets, jewelry, a little something from Victoria's Secret, or the latest toaster oven touches the little lady to her core. Sometimes the very same gift is only the latest evidence of your devotion to Moloch. So it goes, so it goes.

So we were excited to see that the CBS television network has produced a series of public service announcements to help the unimaginative among us:

Because NOTHING says "I love you" like a cold speculum.


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