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Monday, December 14, 2009

EVERYTHING Goes Better With Zombies

  1. Really smart techno-nerds with too much time on their hands:  cool.
  2. Google Maps: cool, but creepy.
  3. Zombies: creepy, but cool.
The intersection of underemployed techno-nerds, Google Maps, and the Raging Zombie Hordes:   Awesome.

p.s.  Yes, we noticed these guys are a tad unfamiliar with D.C. geography, but there's only so much of the real world you can see from the basement of your mom's house.


Comments on "EVERYTHING Goes Better With Zombies"


Blogger Faithful Sherpa said ... (9:18 AM) : 

Based on my research, arming 20% of the population, and providing them with just enough training to achieve a reasonable 40% accuracy rating enables Washington to quickly and quietly suppress a zombie uprising, with acceptable casualties. And this assumes that the horde is allowed to grow to a whopping 100 frothing, chomping, oozing cases of infection before our pantywaist leaders decide that lethal force is an acceptable response to lethal force.

In the new year, I am resolved to do my part, and join my local zombie-suppressing militia.


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