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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hope & Change

It took George W. Bush eight years -- two full terms -- before 43% of Americans told pollsters that they "Strongly Disapproved" of the way he was performing as President. Eight years of difficult wars. Eight years ending in an economic crisis. Eight years of having to make tough -- often unpopular -- decisions necessary to keep the country safe. And, not incidentally, eight years during which every "mainstream" media outlet reported daily on contrived missteps and manufactured scandals. Good fathers, good priests, good leaders are often unpopular with those they've sworn to protect and guide.

Comes now Barack Obama, sworn in as President of the United States just about 11 months ago. A Rasmussen Poll released yesterday shows that fully 46% "Strongly Disapprove" of the way he is performing his role as President. I think we've been short-changed. No joke.

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