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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Thursday's Boston Globe included a story by someone named "Beth Teitell" which seeks to answer the question, "We all know about Scott Brown's truck, but what's the story behind that coat?" Maybe Boston Globe reporters don't have access to Google. Perhaps they're so well educated that they spend their time reading scandalous poems by Ovid, rather than slumming with the great unwashed middle class. She wonders:
Scott Brown’s pickup truck got almost as much attention as the Senate candidate, but somehow his equally ubiquitous, equally everyman barn jacket cruised below the pundits’ radar.

And yet, there it was, starring in his now-famous truck ad. There it was again, waving to motorists. And voting in the election.

But what do we know about that brown jacket, really?
Is it possible -- just barely possible -- that our elite arbiters of politics and culture know nothing about Browncoats?

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