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Friday, April 23, 2010

Complete With Realistically Bad Breast Surgery

Click on the image to enlarge from B to D:
Now available from Sears, we reproduce without correction the description of this marvelous triumph of modern science:
Girlfriend Pillow Do your wife?s business trips make you unease at bed time? Perhaps the fact that you don?t have her around to shares your dreams makes it harder for you to fall sleep. This comfortable pillow recreates the comfort of having your beloved partner. Thinking about the fact of sleeping alone produce a isolated feeling, especially if you are used to have a soft and comfortable arm or maybe you are enjoy a better sleep when you locate your neck in your girlfriend or wife's breast. This hug pillow has an extension that replicates the soft arm of your partner and also adds a breast-like sensation on the pillow, giving all the contour of your love one. Your days of uncomfortable nights are over. Whether your wife is away working or you broke up with your girlfriend, this hug pillow will maintain the comfort of your sleep. The Girlfriend Pillow imitates the contour of your loved one at your side while you sleep.
We're quite troubled by the "breasts," which we fear may be removable, presumably for ambisextrous cuddling. We'll leave the no-snoring, no-complaining jokes to you, and observe only that the thing can't call 911 after it clocks you with a lamp. But the scene we just can't get out of our fertile little minds is this: imagine the single guy who finally gets lucky (and if he's the kind of guy who's got this in his bedroom, it would require quite a bit of luck), only to have the nice young (real) girl discover THIS stuffed under the bed.

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