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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

God Does Not Exist: Bedbugs Prove It

Susan Jacoby, the "Spirited Atheist" at the Washington Post's "On Faith" blog, seems to believe that she's hit upon a new and devastating argument for the non-existence of God:
The return of bedbugs to 21st-century urban America presents a most potent argument against the idea that everything in creation was planned by an intelligent designer.
We're afflicted with rape, murder, the slaughter-of-the-innocents, tidal waves and hurricanes and the best Ms. Jacoby can come up with is . . . bedbugs? Let's pray that Ms. Jacoby doesn't suggest that the little pests be exterminated, which would cause her excommunication from the Church of Secular Orthodoxy.

We confess we have no answer to Ms. Jacoby's argument. After all, we weren't around when the foundation of the earth was laid, or when its measurements were set, or its bases sunk.


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Blogger Charlene said ... (12:00 PM) : 

While I believe in God, intelligent design? Not so much.


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