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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Shouldn't it be "None of us IS perfect?"

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The only thing I know about Christine O'Donnell -- Republican candidate for Senator from Delaware -- is that the national party claimed the sky would fall if she won the party primary against "moderate" Mike Castle. Castle has held Delaware's only seat in the House of Representatives since 1993, after a hitch as Pete du Pont's hand-picked successor in the Governor's chair. We're sure Mike is a heck of a good guy, but Republican voters decided that if it was time for a change (the seat was previously warmed by Joe Biden), perhaps a 71-year-old member of the clubby Delaware political establishment wasn't the way to go.

OK, so I lied. There are two other things I know about Ms. O'Donnell: some time back she said that, as a teenager, she'd "dabbled in witchcraft." She was also part of a group promoting sexual purity in the 1990s, and as part of that program she dissed masturbation. Her message was that all sexual activity outside of marriage is wrong.

The usual suspects seem to think that the "witchcraft thing" makes her an irredeemable kook. But one would think that the Liberal Establishment should be careful before criticizing witchcraft. Aren't "Wiccans" members of a perfectly legitimate religion? Can we expect Nancy Pelosi (how many Wiccans are there in San Francisco?) to stand up and denounce practitioners of those ancient rites to be mentally deranged nut-balls? Don't hold your breath.

Which brings us to masturbation or, more properly, sexual acts outside of marriage. While it's quite true that holding such views puts her outside of the mainstream represented by the editorial board of the New York Times, it also puts her squarely in the mainstream of Christian teaching. So it would appear that her views regarding sexual morality make her no more than an eccentric with lots and lots of company.

OOPS! We lied again. There's one more thing we know about Ms. O'Donnell: her media people are geniuses.


Everyone's favorite nagging obnoxious mother-in-law, Joy Behar, has provided a "rebuttal" of Ms. O'Donnell's campaign ad:

We eschew the low-hanging-fruit as to who looks more like a witch, or who seems more in need of a supernatural make-over. What's interesting to us is that the ultra-progressive, uber-feminist Ms. Behar responds to a candidate for the United States Senate with . . . a girly cat-fight: "you're not me, you don't have hot flashes, bloating, night-sweats, or a mustache." [She actually says "bloating night sweats," but we think that's just an error in delivery. Reading from a teleprompter has confounded better men than Joy.]

So I guess it's now considered legitimate political discourse for me to say stuff like, "Hilary Clinton's not like me! She can't even grow a beard, just those scraggly chin-hairs!" We're doomed.

Just trying to keep it classy.


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