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Monday, March 21, 2011

Taxes Are For Little People

And we don't mean Leprechauns.

One of the things that normal people know is that various states and local governments impose personal property taxes. It's not a secret -- register your car in such a jurisdiction, and you'll be hearing from the local tax collector forthwith. And the little people know that it's not a "car" tax, but also applies to their simple, middle-class bass boat and RV.

But if you're an important person -- a member of the ruling class -- you can't be bothered to know those sorts of details. And so we learn today that Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri, just couldn't be bothered with such little-people trivialities, and thus failed to pay something like $287,000 in personal property taxes on her airplane. Or maybe it's her husband's plane, and he couldn't be bothered. Something like that. It's all very amusing and annoying, and now they're going to "sell the damn plane." Such a bother. She's "sick to her stomach" about the whole thing.


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