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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hormone-Driven Obsession Ends

This is pretty much the way all crazed love affairs end, is it not? Attraction yields to infatuation and then obsession; the unreasoning lover initially ignores any evidence that might deny the perfection of the ideal fantasy. But reality causes first disappointment, then disillusionment, and finally rage.

Welcome back to the real world, Sully. We tried to tell you he was a faithless twit, but you wouldn't listen.
Many of us supported this president because he promised to bring back the constitutional balance after the theories of Yoo, Delahunty, et al put the president on a par with emperors and kings in wartime. And yet in this Libya move, what difference is there between Bush and Obama? In some ways, Bush was more respectful of the Congress, waiting for a vote of support before launching us like an angry bird into the desert. Hillary Clinton, channeling her inner Cheney, said in a classified Congressional briefing that her administration would simply ignore the War Powers Resolution of 1973 that requires the president to seek Congressional approval within 60 days of the conflict starting. If the congress voted against continuing the war, it would be irrelevant to the administration. Beat that, King George II [sic].


The president is violating his constitutional duty to enforce the laws (to himself as well as anyone else). He has no constitutional right to simply waive the War Powers Resolution. In my view, we need a debate in the Congress on this as soon as possible.
In case he might be later seduced into one last make-out session, Andrew Sullivan includes a picture of George III in his piece, King Barack I.


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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:56 AM) : 

"launching us like an angry bird"? Sullivan is spending too much time in Farmville.


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