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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caturday on the Lynx

The Arizona Republic reports:
A north Scottsdale couple feel lucky to have made a rare sighting of three mountain lions this week on the fourth hole of Desert Mountain Golf Club's Cochise Course.

Desert Mountain resident Linda Borman said she quickly snapped a few photographs on Monday afternoon after her husband, Ty, saw the mother and her two cubs lounging on the fairway of the 546-yard, par-5 hole.
Number 1 Son advises:

1. The player is always the sole judge of an unplayable lie. Take a stroke.

2. You could get creative and call a mountain lion an 'obstruction', but you still have to define it as movable or immovable. If it's movable (as is the popular understanding of large feral cats), then you may move the mountain lion without penalty. You would only get to drop freely if the ball were 'in or on' the obstruction, and under these circumstances you'd likely have larger problems if your ball were in or on a mountain lion. If it's immovable, you get a free drop closest to the spot that you get "complete relief" from the obstruction. Feel free to imagine what "complete relief" from a mountain lion in Arizona looks like.


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