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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Prime Minister Defends Larry

The Government of British Prime Minister David Cameron has been rocked by allegations of incompetence on the part of a key appointee, Larry, the Downing Street Cat. The Daily Mail reported:
Larry the Downing Street cat may have been brought in to catch rats but it appears the ministerial moggy may have to face a disciplinary.

The tabby, adopted from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home earlier this year, was expected to go chasing after rodents who have been seen scuttling in and around Number 10.

But David Cameron has resorted to throwing cutlery at mice because Larry has not been fulfilling his duties.

The Prime Minister was apparently witnessed throwing a silver fork at a mouse seen running across the floor during a dinner with Cabinet ministers last week, the Daily Telegraph said.

Downing Street aides have been growing increasingly concerned over Larry's apparent lack of interest in keeping on top of the now growing rodent problem.
Downing Street has rebuffed calls for Larry's resignation. Throughout the controversy, Larry himself has remained aloof, refusing all interview requests.

Larry's supporters blame the controversy on media bias, noting that ITV reporter Lucy Manning required mild correction on a recent Downing Street visit:


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