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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flag of Our Fathers

Let us begin today's lesson by observing that, inasmuch as this is the United States, you're pretty much free (or ought to be) to do anything you damn well please, so long as you're not actually injuring someone else (like killing them or stealing their car, for example). This is, or ought to be, particularly true if the thing you damn well please to do is anywhere in the neighborhood of expressing an opinion. And it's most true of all if the opinion you're expressing has anything to do with politics.

It follows that if the Democrats of Lake County, Florida, want to take the flag, replace the field of stars in the canton with a picture of Barack Obama, and fly it outside of their headquarters in Tavares, they'll get no push-back from me. Even if they then fly it from the same staff as the Flag of the United States, in violation of generally understood flag etiquette, it makes no never-mind to me.

But it does raise an interesting question: what lame-brain thought that this was a good idea?

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