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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Suicidal Stupidity

HERE is a genuinely heart-wrenching story by the mother of a 14-year-old with a brain tumor.  But the message isn't social or emotional -- it's political.  Because, you see, with the evil, heartless insurance companies in charge, not only might their insurance be cancelled, and not only do they face the fact that their policy had a lifetime benefit limit of $5 million (almost certainly inadequate in the event), but the family had to repeatedly deal with limitations and pre-approvals by the insurance company -- decisions that often didn't mesh with what the family thought was the best treatment available.

Now let's be clear:  I'm with them.  I understand the problem, and it's a real problem.  They're confronting rationing, pure and simple.  Their insurance company -- ANY insurance company -- simply cannot pay for the best (most expensive) medical care in every instance because, if they did, their premiums would be through the roof, or they'd be out of business.  And neither of those options would be much help either to the story's author, or the hundreds of thousands of OTHER insureds whose kid DIDN'T have brain cancer.

But here's what's scary and sickening: the underlying assumption here is that now, with Obamacare (or, even better, with single-payer Government health insurance) all of these problems will melt away.  There won't be any limitations, you'll get whatever medical care you think is best, and there won't be any rationing -- no medical decisions will be made by the Government.  It's gonna be all rainbows and unicorns. Everyone will be treated at the Cleveland Clinic for as long as they think that would be a good thing.

When we're all wearing Government Issue gray jumpsuits, and trudging out to tend the turnips on the Farmers' Collective, THEN will these people realize that this is NOT a solution to all of their problems?

No.  They won't.  They'll explain that the system is a grossly flawed implementation of True Progressivism and that, with just a little tinkering, the Millennium will be ushered in.


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