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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's Because of the:
A. Heat;
B. Water;
C. Public Schools

Television station WKMG is channel six in Orlando, Florida. The station maintains a website called "Local6.com."

I've noticed for some time that Central Florida seems to generate more than its share of, well, shall we say "unusual" events. Currently, you may peruse any of the following stories:

"Major Cockfighting Operation Busted In Polk County"

"Owners Awarded $1,300 In Death Of Pet Dog Killed By Python"

"Police Arrest Central Fla. Cigarette Suspect" ("A 38-year-old man suspected of creeping into convenience stores across Brevard County and stealing cartons of cigarettes . . . .")

and, my personal favorite:

"Teacher With Porn Past Hopes For Bible-Belt Forgiveness"

itself a welcome follow-up to yesterday's:

"Teacher Fired For Making Porn Movie 11 Years Ago"

Comments on "It's Because of the:
A. Heat;
B. Water;
C. Public Schools


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