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Monday, May 15, 2006

Science in the Public Interest

It has long been known that the combination of Mentos and Diet Coke will cause a great deal of fizzy goodness. See, for example, the video evidence presented HERE.

The intrepid G&S research staff, however, has discovered that teens, not content simply to drop Mentos into a jug of Diet Coke, have taken the fad one step further, and begun mixing the two together in their own stomachs, with sometimes disastrous results:

It goes without saying that this sort of research is best left to professionals, and NO ONE should try it at home.

Comments on "Science in the Public Interest"


Blogger Durward Kirby said ... (8:00 PM) : 

I was a little nervous about exactly what was going to happen to the girl, until I remembered that GF keeps everything SFW.


Anonymous Uncle M said ... (11:06 AM) : 

On the other hand, I was udderly disappointed. (sic)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:35 PM) : 

You are such a pig.


Blogger girlfriday said ... (11:14 AM) : 

Men find humor in the strangest things.


Blogger Gentleman Farmer said ... (12:50 PM) : 

This is not going to provoke yet another discussion of those shoes, is it?


Blogger Durward Kirby said ... (3:35 PM) : 

Those shoes are a little provocative, aren't they.


Blogger girlfriday said ... (7:21 PM) : 

May I also point out that men have a better sense of humor.


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