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Monday, June 12, 2006

Nothing Short of Providential

As I am hoping not one single reader knows, the "YearlyKos" convention in Las Vegas has just closed. The New York Times treated them seriously.

This was a first-ever meeting of the Kos Kids, the great and the near-great, all sorts of Bobs and Nabobs. Something like 1,000 were in attendance, a number which, to the innumerate, compares favorably to the 5,000 expected at the "Casino Chips & Gaming Token Collectors" convention. You can read more HERE.

Apparently the event was not only life changing, but literally life saving. One attendee explains:
I got to meet a bunch of you during the convention and had a fabulous time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that it might save my life.

I just got a call that someone "crashed my gate" and drove through my house, driving through my office and my daughter's room (her crib turned up in the backyard). Had we been home, there would have been a good chance that I would have been working at my desk, and she would have certainly been sleeping in bed. Instead, though, I was here and she was staying with my folks, so the family's fine.

We're catching an early flight to go home and survey the damage, but my family's OK. I love you all, I'll keep you posted, and I can now honestly say "Thank you for everything, YearlyKos."
While another chimes in:
Kos once saved my life too. I was reading a post about Senator Joseph Lieberman, and it was so dull that I got up to run my head under a cold tap. Just then this assagai comes flying through the window. Zulus! Fuck! If it hadn’t been for Kos, I could have wound up in a cooking pot. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.

Anyway, so we formed a laager, called for reinforcements and went all Rorke’s Drift on their arses, and it all ended happily with a glorious slaughter of tribesmen.
Actually, only one of those stories is true. Well, only one of them was written by someone with the slightest expectation that anyone would think they were not making the whole thing up.

But we can't remember which is which.

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Blogger Gentleman Farmer said ... (11:21 AM) : 

Satan obviously sent that car through that saint's home, but hadn't received the news that he was away worshiping.

So I guess that one was the "real" story, eh?


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