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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Such a cutie-pie huggy bear snookums!

Is he the best ickle widdle wuv baby ever was? Yes he is! Such a sweetykins.

Ned Lamont is the candidate fielded by the wacko wing of the Democratic Party to unseat Joe Lieberman in Connecticut's upcoming senatorial primary. Oddly enough, had BushHitler not stolen the 2000 election, Vice President Lieberman would today be the favorite to win his party's presidential nod in 2008. And a formidable candidate he would be: a serious, intelligent, experienced person who actually believes there is such a thing as the truth.

While civilians are murdered and our soldiers are kidnaped, tortured and their bodies mutilated, Neddikins decided to release this cute-as-can-be foolishness, thought by Kool Aid Master Mixer Duncan Black to be a "funny new ad":

Remember: All right-thinking people pray daily for Ned Lamont to win the Democratic primary, and then be trounced in the general election by Lieberman, running as an independent. The first (alas!) seems unlikely, as Senator Lieberman appears to be leading, although by shrinking margins among the criminally insane likely Democratic primary voters.

[Are we the only folks old enough to recall formation of the Committee to Horsewhip Lowell Weicker? We thought so.]

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